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The Plus Dish is designed to pick up the 110, 118.75 and 119 orbital slots with an option to add 129.

Dish 500+: 110, 118.75, 119
Dish 1000+: 110, 118.75, 119 and 129




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Dish 1000+ roof mount

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L: Dish 1000+ LNBs as viewed from the dish.  R: 2 outputs of the dual band 118.75/119 Plus LNB, viewed from below

The Plus LNB assembly should be held by the center, not by the outer LNBs or brackets.

close-up of Dish 1000+ LNBs for 110, 118.75/119 and 129 (Photo by ebaltz) Dish 1000+ pole-mounted in flower bed (Photo by ebaltz)

Integrated LNB/switch

This is a prototype integrated LNB for the Dish 500+/1000+, similar to the Dish 1000.2/1000.4, shown at Team Summit 2009.  The DishPro Plus head has the dual-band LNB for 118.75/119, a 110 LNB, a DPP switch with outputs for 3 dual-tuner receivers, and an LNB input.  The 129 slot is still from a separate DP Dual or Single.

The integrated head became available in February 2011.


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